Fast roll-out 

Total control due to an easily adaptable Session Manager 

All-inclusive packages including authentication tools (captive portal, mobile applications…) 

Front-end development and  back-end integration (e.g. Oracle databases) 


Wi-Fi Networks

Our solution allows the customer to deploy a stand-alone Wi-Fi network and integrate it into an existing infrastructure (e.g. the network of an Internet Service Provider). This facilitates the deployment of a large-scale network with reduced costs.

Based on the infrastructure of the German ISP Kabel Deutschland, this solution was initially developed for the city of Berlin, then extended to allmajor cities of Germany, with a total of more than 750.000 hotspots. Every visitor is offered a 30-minutes per day free Wi-Fi session. Third-party companies that join this unified platform may customize the appearance of their portalto match the design of their company or offer special functionality.

Our solution allows the operator to have total control of each access point and of the customer sessions associated with them. This is achieved by the easy-to-usecentralized management provided by our Session Manager.


We also develop different tools using the latest technologies:

  • captive portal to authenticate the user against the Session Manager
  • Mobile applications allowing users to find hotspots and authenticate more efficiently
  • An informational Web portal to inform users about current deals and to help them find the best hotspots